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300S+ – The High-Speed Control System

300S, powered by SPEED7 makes this system one of the fastest and most efficient, µC based systems worldwide, programmable with WinPLC7 respectively STEP7 or TIA from Siemens.


With the new „MICRO“, VIPA Controls will be presenting a very compact and extremely fast MICRO control system at the SPS IPC Drives 2016. The design has a definite wow-factor and it opens up completely new paths as regards operating and status display. Thus the MICRO PLC is the starting signal for the new VIPA controller generation. With its introduction the new MICRO PLC from VIPA Controls launches a new product series and again raises the segment of the VIPA MICRO controllers to a new level. Designed as a stand-alone PLC it stands out because of its modern design, its compact size, its high performance, and its high channel density. Thus the user receives a multiplicity of performance in a very small space and at a very attractive price. The new MICRO PLC will replace the well-proven but aging System 100V.

Yaskawa ∑-7 Series

Created with the design concept of "seven ultimate e-motional solutions," the Σ-7 series delivers the world's highest performance while providing other features such as further improvements in safety and an environmentally friendly design to meet the changing needs of its users. This series offers solutions that are guaranteed to satisfy users in all kinds of scenarios in the life-cycle of systems.

Yaskawa ∑-S Series

Although compact and low-priced, the Σ-S-Series Servos also provide real servo capabilities. They provide the capabilities of positioning servos that are ideal for converting pneumatic equipment to Servomotors. If you thought a servo system could not handle your application, think again and try the Σ-S Series.

Yaskawa ∑-V Series

The Σ-V series boasts the industry's highest speed response (1.6 kHz) and control stability to enable positioning to be conducted at short intervals and a high level of accuracy. When combined with a rotary servomotor or linear servomotor that achieves a maximum motor speed of 6000 min-1, the Σ-V series can derive the utmost from the performance of machines. This easy-to-use servo series offers significant reductions in the time required for startup, servo adjustments, and troubleshooting.

Yaskawa A1000

A top quality drive: silent, beautiful, and incredibly powerful. Perfectly designed functions open a new field with A1000. Integrating the latest vector control technology in a general purpose drive with the performance of a higher order demanded by the drives industry.

Yaskawa D1000

The D1000 is a sinusoidal PWM converter capable of power regeneration. Use with an AC drive results in highly efficient operations and eliminates power harmonics problems.

Yaskawa E1000

Best Solution for your HVAC, Pump & Fan applications!

Yaskawa GA700

Yaskawa’s GA700 Series offers the best value proposition for industrial applications. The GA700 is the right choice with a compact, flexible, straightforward design by integrating and embedding key AC drive attirbutes focused on optimized installation and minimized start-up.

Yaskawa HMI

Our professional Panels are particularly suitable for use in the areas of factory, process and building automation. classic Panels with their aluminium die-cast housing and front protection IP65 are particularly robust and can also be successfully applied in harsh industrial environments.

Yaskawa iQpump

3/4 - 1000 HP Our drives were designed with the pump service operators and pump system owners in mind and offer ease of setup and comprehensive pump and motor protection features. If the drive you need is not listed below, view our other drives, which includes legacy products. This collection of ac drives was designed with pump service operators and pump system owners in mind, offering ease of setup and comprehensive pump and motor protection features.
iQpump1000   •   3/4-1000 HP; NEMA 1; V/f
iQpump Micro   •   1-25 HP, NEMA 1 or 4X

Yaskawa J1000

So easy to use: just switch it on and you're ready to go. J1000 is fully capable of efficient performance and energy saving, handling variable speed needs in compact applications. A drive that exemplifies true world quality with a difference you can really feel.