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YASKAWA S7A Gear Motors

Optimized for lower capacity, low inertia loads

Match the general-purpose workhorse of the Yaskawa servo line with a custom designed gearhead that enhances its versatile performance. S7J was optimized by servo application professionals for Yaskawa SGM7A servo motors, and maximizes their ability to produce a high rate of power at extremely low levels of inertia. The same durable gear motor is able to transfer the servo system’s high torque performance with an application requires it.

YASKAWA S7G Gear Motors

Strong Performance for High Power Demands

Larger automation components are suited to the extra robust performance of S7G, designed for use with the Yaskawa SGM7G family of rotary servo motors. A full series of gearheads was designed to maximize the space-saving profile of 7G motors, while delivering high torque, consistent positional accuracy and maximum responsiveness to extreme changes in speed demand.

YASKAWA S7J Gear Motors

Optimized for Load Matching Success

Get maximum responsiveness from a gear motor engineered to match one of Yaskawa’s most versatile servo systems. The S7J was designed to extend the performance of Yaskawa SGM7J servo motors, a series known for maximum responsiveness in applications requiring precise load matching. S7J provides gear ratio options to 50/1 for precise motion in low capacity applications, while assuring world class accuracy at rated speeds to 3000 rpm and torque ratings up to 2.39 N-m (21 in-lb).

YASKAWA S7P Gear Motors

High Torque, Low RPM Performance In a Compact Space

Add the advantages of a gearhead to a servo motor optimized for space savings. Yaskawa created the S7P to maximize the advantage of SGM7P servo motors, which pack full torque and speed performance into a motor reduced in length by 25%. This puts world-class speed control and positional accuracy into less space than ever before, allowing machine designers to develop more compact and efficient products.