Technical Support
YASKAWA technical support center is staffed with knowledgeable and experienced engineers who have expertise, hands-on equipment and documentation to answer your question quickly and efficiently. Incase technical support: Troubleshooting, Programming Tips, Warranty Claim and Scheduling on-site Services.
Field Service
Mechatronics Service Engineer can provided on-site service customers to minimize production downtime. Our services offered on-site repair YASKAWA product, exchange product, start-up assistance, preventive maintenance, product renewal/upgrade, training course and more.
Unit And Spare Part Supply
We keep unit and spare part for various product and most important product in STOCK to serve customers. Even your specifically product has necessary, we can provide trade-in or made-to-order product as your requirement. Our YASKAWA global Stock available for you.
Renewal – Upgrading
We can offers renewal-upgrading or re-engineering for legacy product. By concept of easily installable by using retrofit kits without modified on mechanical side. Upgrading inverter, servo and controller in previous product. Other brand to YASKAWA also available.
Repair Service
Mechatronics Engineer of certified repair specialist will repair your YASKAWA product using original parts and factory tested procedures. Especially for YASKAWA Inverter drive G7 and A1000 Series. Spare part available to serve you now.
Product Training
YASKAWA technical training services mission to provide training classes to our customers that are “right on target” with knowledge they need to perform their jobs. Training classes can take place at our office or on-site training classes.
On-time, reliable post-sales automation support

Training & Support

You got your project up and running : so far, so good However, operating it smoothly is an equal challenge.

With Pinanggih, you have a reliable, capable expert on your side. We demonstrate our continued commitment to your organization by providing on-time, reliable post-sales automation support.

To ensure consistent uptime and peak operating performance of your plant, we provide on-site, hands-on training. Also, we help foster a culture of best practices and protocols. In case of a contingency, we respond quickly and do the troubleshooting with efficacy.