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Fuji Electric Surge Suppression Unit

  • The cable between the inverter and the motor comes in two lengths: 50m and 100m.
  • The surge voltage can be suppressed to 1kV or lower by connecting the surge suppression unit on the motor.
  • Applicable motor capacity: 0.2kW to 75kW
  • Since no additional work is required, it can be easily mounted on the existing equipment.

Inverter Fuji Electric Frenic-HF Series

Variable Torque Load Inverters for Fans and Pumps Inverter Fuji Electric FRENIC-Eco 3 phase 400V, 0.75kW - 560kW

PLC Fuji Electric Micrex-SX SPH 3000MM Series

SPH3000MM type
  • NP1PU2-048E
  • NP1PU2-256E
SPH3000 type
  • NP1PU-048E
  • NP1PU-256E

Power Supply Module PLC Micrex-SX SPH Series

Features   Redundant power supply module (NP1S-22/NP1S-42) Redundancy of the power supply has been realized by supplying the power from multiple (up to 3) power supply modules. The redundant configuration of the power supply section with the highest failure rate can improve the system reliability.   Small capacity power supply module (NP1S-81/NP1S-91) The use of the 100V AC or 200V AC small capacity power supply module (single slot) on the 3-slot and 6-slot basis allows effective use of one slot.