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FR-E720S Mitsubishi inverter 1-phase 200V

Achieve 200% of the high torque during 0.5Hz in advanced magnetic flux vector control (3.7K or less). Equipped with a torque limiting function as well as a short period of time tolerated dose up the overload capacity to 200% for 3 seconds from the conventional model 200% 0.5 seconds, it became even more tenaciously more powerful

FR-E740 3-phase 380-480VAC Inverter Mitsubishi

FR-E740 Series
  • FR-E740-016SC-NA : 1/2HP (1.6A)
  • FR-E740-026SC-NA : 1HP   (2.6A)
  • FR-E740-040SC-NA : 2HP   (4A)
  • FR-E740-060SC-NA : 3HP   (6A)
  • FR-E740-095SC-NA : 5HP   (9.5A)
  • FR-E740-120SC-NA : 7.5HP (12A)
  • FR-E740-170SC-NA : 10HP  (17A)
  • FR-E740-230SC-NA : 15HP  (23A)
  • FR-E740-300SC-NA : 20HP  (30A)

FR-F700P Freqrol Frequency Inverter

FR-F700P Freqrol Frequency Inverter Inverters for Fans and Pumps, Crane Frequency Inverter 3-phase 200V-400V Class FR-F720P-0.75K to 110K FR-F740P-0.75K to 560K

Freqrol FR-A800 Plus Frequency Inverter

Freqrol FR-A800 PLus 200V models FR-A820-0.4K-CRN : ND = 0.4kW FR-A820-0.75K-CRN : ND = 0.75kW FR-A820-1.5K-CRN : ND = 1.5kW FR-A820-2.2K-CRN : ND = 2.2kW

FX3S PLC Mitsubishi Melsec F Series

FX3S - Keeping it Simple Controllable I/O : 10 - 30 points Main Unit I/O : 10/14/20/30 points

FX3U Melsec F Series Main Units

FX3U Melsec F Series PLC Mitsubishi Controllable I/O: 16 - 384 points with CC-Link or AS-i remote I/O Main Unit I/O: 16/32/48/64/80/128 points

FX5U CPU Melsec iQ-F PLC Mitsubishi

CPU module (service power built-in) FX5U-32MR/ES : 32 points (input 16 point, output 16 point) FX5U-32MT/ES : 32 points (input 16 point, output 16 point) FX5U-32MT/ESS : 32 points (input 16 point, output 16 point)

FX5UC CPU Unit Melsec iQ-F Mitsubishi

MELSEC iQ-F sequence execution engine that is the heart of the execution of the structured program or multiple programs, ST language, equipped with an execution engine capable of corresponding new development, such as the FB.

I/O Melsec iQ-R Series PLC Mitsubishi

DC input RX40C7 : 16-point RX41C4 : 32-point RX42C4 : 64-point

Inverter Mitsubishi FR-E560 Series 3-phase 575 – 600VAC

The cost-effective variable speed control solution for general purpose applications.

Inverter Mitsubishi FR-E710W Series

Inverter Mitsubishi FR-E710W Series 1/8HP - 1HP, 0.8A - 5A 1-Phase 100~120VAC Input / 3-Phase 200~240VAC Output

Inverter Mitsubishi FR-E720 Series 3-phase 200-240VAC

Inverter Mitsubishi FR-E720 Series 3-phase 200-240VAC 1/8HP - 20HP, 0.8A - 60A 3-phase 200-240VAC, 1/8HP - 20HP, 0.8A - 60A