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PLC Battery CR17335SE-MC

Spesifikasi PLC Battery CR17335SE-MC
  • Chrome Battery PLC Controller Battery for CR17335SE-MC Mitsubishi Q6BAT
  • 0.68in (length), 0.68in (width), 1.34in (height); 1.00lbs
  • High Energy Lithium Cells
  • Stable Voltage
  • Broad Temperature Range

Power Supply Melsec iQ-R Series PLC Mitsubishi

This module is used for providing the electrical power for the CPU, input, ouput, and other modules on the base unit.

Power Supply Melsec-Q Series

Module for electricity supply of CPU, input/output, and other modules. A variety of power supply modules are available, to cater to different input/output voltages and applications for use

Power Supply Unit CJ-series

Equipped with the RUN output for checking the operation status, as well as the replacement notification function for easy maintenance. Lineup of five models including the AC power supply (25W).

Servo MR-J2 Junior

The unique servo system for micro applications using the latest in servo technology operating at 24 VDC input with: patented Real-Time Adaptive Tuning RS-232C serial interface for Windows based set-up ( MR-Configurator) speed, positioning, and torque modes low acoustic noise and a built-in parameter unit

Servo MR-J2 Super 200-230VAC

With even higher performance and expanded capacity range of 50W to 37kW. The MR-J2S is complimented by an outstanding family of servo motors all of which utilize an absolute 131, 072 pulses per revolution encoder as standard.