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300S+ – The High-Speed Control System

300S, powered by SPEED7 makes this system one of the fastest and most efficient, µC based systems worldwide, programmable with WinPLC7 respectively STEP7 or TIA from Siemens.

Analog I/O Melsec-Q Series

Current Input Q62AD-DGH : 2 channels; input, 4 ~ 20 mA DC, conversion speed: 10 ms/2 channels, 18-point terminal block, channel isolated, supplies power to 2-wire transmitter Q66AD-DG : 6 channels, input: 4 ~ 20 mA DC (when 2-wire transmitter is connected), 0 to 20 mA DC, conversion speed: 10 ms/channel, 40-pin connector, channel isolated, supplies power to 2-wire transmitter Q68ADI : 8 channels, input: 0 ~ 20 mA DC, conversion speed: 80 μs/channel, 18-point terminal block

Base Unit Melsec iQ-R PLC Mitsubishi

Used for installing various modules such as power supply, CPU and I/O. A selection of base units enable varying system sizes to be realized.

CPU Melsec iQ-R PLC Mitsubishi

CPUs include various embedded features that enable them to perform a wide range of control tasks and come equipped with a built-in USB port and Ethernet port.

FR-A741 Frequency Inverters Mitsubishi

FR-A741 highlights
  • Integrated power regeneration enhances energy efficiency
  • Much lower installation overheads, more effective system planning, simpler switchgear cabinet layout
  • High-end drive with a wealth of application functions
  • Lower TCO than conventional solutions

FR-A800 Frequency Inverters Mitsubishi

FR-A800 Dirancang untuk unparalleled drive precision, kontrol kecepatan, startup yang sederhana, dan fleksibilitas, Mitsubishi Electric telah mengembangkan generasi terbaru dari teknologi drive: FR-A800 yang luar biasa.

FR-A820 Frequency Inverters 240V

FR-A820 Model
  • FR-A820-00046 : ND = 0.4kW (FR-A820-0.4K)
  • FR-A820-00077 : ND = 0.75kW (FR-A820-0.75K)
  • FR-A820-00105 : ND = 1.5kW (FR-A820-1.5K)
  • FR-A820-00167 : ND = 2.2kW (FR-A820-2.2K)
  • FR-A820-00250 : ND = 3.7kW (FR-A820-3.7K)
  • FR-A820-00340 : ND = 5.5kW (FR-A820-5.5K)
  • FR-A820-00490 : ND = 7.5kW (FR-A820-7.5K)
  • FR-A820-00630 : ND = 11kW (FR-A820-11K)

FR-A840 Frequency Inverters 480V

FR-A840 Model
  • FR-A840-00023 : 0.75kW
  • FR-A840-00038 : 1.5kW
  • FR-A840-00052 : 2.2kW
  • FR-A840-00083 : 3.7kW
  • FR-A840-00126 : 5.5kW
  • FR-A840-00170 : 7.5kW
  • FR-A840-00250 : 11kW
  • FR-A840-00310 : 15kW
  • FR-A840-00380 : 18.5kW
  • FR-A840-00470 : 22kW

FR-A846 Frequency Inverters Mitsubishi

FR-A846 Model
  • FR-A846-00023 : 0.75kW
  • FR-A846-00038 : 1.5kW
  • FR-A846-00052 : 2.2kW
  • FR-A846-00083 : 3.7kW
  • FR-A846-00126 : 5.5kW
  • FR-A846-00170 : 7.5kW
  • FR-A846-00250 : 11kW
  • FR-A846-00310 : 15kW

FR-D700 series Inverter Freqrol Mitsubishi

FR-D700 series Inverter Freqrol Mitsubishi Low Cost Micro VFD with Mitsubishi Electric Quality

FR-D720 3-phase 200-240VAC

FR-D720 3-phase 200-240VAC Low Cost MIcro VFD with Mitsubishi Electric Quality

FR-D720S-SC 1-phase 200V 0,1kW ~ 2,2kW

Kelebihan Inverter Mitsubishi FR-D720S-SC :
  • The micro-drive solution
  • Small, cost-effective, reliable
  • Simple, time-saving startup
  • Flexible and versatile in application
  • Space-saving installation thanks to compact design
  • Higher energy savings with the OEC function