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Omron Switch Mode Power Supply S8JX

Omron Switch Mode Power Supply S8JX 15/35/50/100/150/300/600-W Models Flexible Selection of Reliability and Ease of Operation with the S8JX. New Models with Harmonic Current Suppression for a Broader Lineup.
  • S8JX-G Series: Easy-to-use, Widely range from 15 W to 600 W (Output Voltage: 5 V to 48 V).
  • S8JX-P Series with EMI ClassB and Power Factor Correction is newly added to S8JX Series.

Omron Switch Mode Power Supply S8VM

Switch Mode Power Supply S8VM (15/30/50/100/150/300/600/1,500-W Models) Power Supply Featuring OMRON's Unique, New Undervoltage Alarm Function with Compact Body Contributing to Machine Downsizin   Features New undervoltage alarm function assists in determining causes of errors (S8VM-[][][]24A[]/P[] only). Power failure alarm function provides notification of output voltage errors (300-, 600-, and 1,500-W models only). Broad range of possibilities with 8 capacities and 29 models to choose from. RoHS-compliant New, attentive design prevents screws from falling out of terminal block (except for output terminals of 300-, 600-, and 1,500-W models). Finger protection prevents electric shock. DIN Rail mounting. Safety standards: UL508/60950-1/1604, CSA C22.2 No. 14/No. 60950-1/No. 213, EN50178, EN60950-1 (The 300-, 600-, and 1,500-W models will not conform to safety standards if the customer replaces the fan.) Conforms to SEMI F47-0200 (when 200-V input is used). Harmonic current emissions: Conforms to EN61000-3-2 (except for 15- and 30-W models).

Omron Switch Mode Power Supply S8VS

Omron Switch Mode Power Supply S8VS (15/30/60/90/120/180/240/480-W Models) Product Lineup 15/30-W Models Compact, Thin Power Supplies That Mount Just About Anywhere to Contribute to Control Panel Downsizing Switch_Mode_Power_Supply_S8VS.jpg
  • Compact and thin: 22.5 × 85 × 96.5 mm (W × H × D).
  • Three mounting directions (standard, horizontal, facing horizontal).
  • Mounting directly to the panel is possible.
  • Safety standards: UL508/60950-1/1604, cUL: CSA C22.2 No. 14/60950-1/213, EN50178 (= VDE0160).
  • Mount to DIN Rail.
  • Complies with SEMI F47-0200 (200-VAC input).
  • RoHS-compliant.
60/90/120/180/240/480-W Models New Models with Indication Monitor and Simple Functions for Easy System Commissioning.

OMRON SYSMAC CJ Series Power Supply Units

CJ1W-PA / CJ1W-PD Dilengkapi dengan output RUN untuk memeriksa status operasi, serta pemberitahuan fungsi pengganti untuk memudahkan perawatan. Lineup dari lima model termasuk catu daya AC (25W).
  • Stable power supply is available from the CJ-series CPU Unit to each I/O Units via the dedicated bus. The most suitable Power Supply Unit can be selected among various I/O specifications and/or options.
  • The replacement notification function can prevent an overflow of the system due to the power lifetime. (CJ1W-PA205C only)
  • Power Supply Unit provides wide variations according to the system scale up to maximum 25 W.
  • Power Supply Unit provides wide variations according to the power supply (100 to 240 V AC/ 24 V DC) status.
  • The output contact during operation enables you to check the CPU operation. (CJ1W-PA205R only)
  • Conforming to the SEMI-F47 Standard*.
* AC input type, 200 V min. input.

Omron SYSMAC CJ1 Programmable Controller

Omron SYSMAC CJ1 ini merupakan control mesin serbaguna dengan pengolahan/proses cepat, Ukuran yang lebih kecil dan transfer data lebih cepat.

Omron SYSMAC CJ2M Programmable Logic Controller

Omron Programmable Controllers Basic PLCs Omron SYSMAC CJ2M Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Kitoma Indonesia menjual PLC Omron SYSMAC CJ2M yang terdiri dari :
  • CJ2M-CPU3 / CJ2M-CPU1 CPU Units
  • CJ2M-MD21 Pulse I/O Modules
  Omron New PLC sysmac cj2m with a Proven Record, Great for Basic Machine Automation
  • Models with 2,560 I/O points max. and 5 to 60-Kstep capacity, with or without Ethernet port.
  • Up to 40 I/O units on any CPU.
  • Pulse I/O Modules add position control functions to any CPU.
  • USB for plug-and-play access to the PLC.
  • Choice of serial port plug-in modules.
  • User-friendly programming, faster debugging.
  PLC Omron Sysmac CJ2M ini sepenuhnya Kompatibel dengan CJ1 Unit, namun dengan kinerja lebih baik. PLC Omron Sysmac CJ2M sangat ideal untuk packaging dan kebutuhan mesin umum otomatisasi. Untuk Konektivitas terdapat port USB, Ethernet dan interface RS 232 C/422/485 yang terdapat pada CPU.