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Fuji Electric Base Board Micrex-SX SPH

Base Board Micrex-SX SPH type
  • NP1BS-03
  • NP1BS-06
  • NP1BS-08
  • NP1BS-11
  • NP1BS-13
  • NP1BP-13
  • NP1BS-08S
  • NP1BS-11S
  • NP1BS-13S
  • NP1BP-13S
  • NP1BS-08D
  • NP1BS-11D
  • NP1BS-13D
  • NP1BP-13D

Fuji Electric CPU Module PLC Micrex-SX SPH Series

Features   Ultra high-speed processing The CPU module carries out the ultra high-speed processing in basic instructions as follows: SPH300 in 20ns, SPH200 in 70ns, SPH2000 in 30ns, and SPH3000 in 9ns.   Muiti-CPU configuration (SPH300/SPH2000/SPH3000) Up to 8 CPUs can be configured while realizing the high-speed control by load distribution.   Redundancy (SPH300/SPH2000) The 1 to 1 hot standby and the N to 1 cold standby improve the system safety and reliability. (The N to 1 cold standby is provided only to SPH300.)   IEC 61131-3 The series is fully compliant with the international standard language IEC 61131-3, which enables you to prepare the programming valid worldwide.   Compatible with USB and user ROM The SPH300, SPH2000 and SPH3000 are provided as the USB and the user ROM versions in the separate format. (NP1PS-32R/74R/117R/245R, NP1PM-48R/48E/256E/256H and NP1PU-048E/256E)   Large-capacity battery (optional) It is possible to extend the memory backup time to three and a half years (at 25°C) by adding an optional large-capacity battery to the SPH300 (74K/117K/245K steps).   SPH200
  • NP1PH-08
  • NP1PH-16
  • NP1PS-74D
  • NP1PS-32
  • NP1PS-32R
  • NP1PS-74R
  • NP1PS-117R
  • NP1PS-245R
  • NP1PM-48R
  • NP1PM-48E
  • NP1PM-256E
  • NP1PM-256H
  • NP1PU1-256NE
  • NP1PU2-048E
  • NP1PU2-256E
  • NP1PU-048E
  • NP1PU-128E
  • NP1PU-256E

Fuji Electric FRENIC AQUA Series Inverter

Inverter Fuji Electric for Pumps and Blowers High performance enable by the comprehensive use of Fuji technology. Easy maintenance for the end-user. Maintains safety and protects the environment. Opens up possibilities for the new generation.

Fuji Electric Frenic Eco 3-phase 200V 0.75kW – 110kW

Inverter Fuji Electric Frenic Eco 0.75kW - 110kW 3-phase 200V models
  • FRN0.75F1S-2A : 0.75kW
  • FRN1.5F1S-2A : 1.5kW
  • FRN2.2F1S-2A : 2.2kW
  • FRN3.7F1S-2A : 3.7kW
  • FRN5.5F1S-2A : 5.5kW
  • FRN7.5F1S-2A : 7.5kW
  • FRN11F1S-2A : 11kW
  • FRN15F1S-2A : 15kW
  • FRN18.5F1S-2A : 18.5kW
  • FRN22F1S-2A : 22kW
  • FRN30F1S-2A : 30kW
  • FRN37F1S-2A : 37kW
  • FRN45F1S-2A : 45kW
  • FRN55F1S-2A : 55kW
  • FRN75F1S-2A : 75kW
  • FRN90F1S-2A : 90kW
  • FRN110F1S-2A : 110kW

Fuji Electric Frenic Lift 3-phase 200V

Frenic Lift 3-phase 200V models
  • FRN5.5LM1S-2EA : 5.5kW
  • FRN7.5LM1S-2EA : 7.5kW
  • FRN11LM1S-2EA : 11kW
  • FRN15LM1S-2EA : 15kW
  • FRN18.5LM1S-2EA : 18.5kW

Fuji Electric Frenic Lift 3-phase 400V

Optimum Exclusive Design for Passenger Elevators
  • A braking circuit is built in the inverters of all the capacities
  • Built-in PG feedback circuit is standard equipment.
  • An optional keypad is available

Fuji Electric FRENIC Lift Series Inverter

Fuji Electric FRENIC Lift Series of exclusive AC Drives for operation of elevators are specially designed to have a number of improved features over previous elevator AC Drives, such as vastly lower torque ripple. We have incorporated the functions that customers find most necessary in elevator controls to provide an AC Drive that delivers performance that fits your elevator system.

Fuji Electric Frenic Mini 1-phase 200V 0.1kW – 2.2kW

  • High starting torque, at 150% or more
  • Trip-free operation
  • Stable operation even for a step load
  • Braking resistor connectable to the inverter
  • Reduce motor instability at low speed
  • The highly used functions for and pumps
    • Automatic energy-saving provides as a standard functions
    • PID control function
    • Cooling fan On/Off control function
  • Ideal functions to serve a multiplicity of need for small-capacity inverters
    • Compatible with a wide range of frequency setting
    • The output frequency can be set to a maximum of 400Hz
    • A transistor output is provided
    • Two point can be set for a non-linear V/f pattern
  • Compact
  • Simple operation and wiring
  • Interface for peripheral devices and comprehensive protective functions
  • Flexible through optionals

Fuji Electric Frenic Mini 3-phase 400V 0.4kW – 3.7kW

Inverter Fuji Electric Frenic-mini 0.4kW - 3.7kW 3-phase 400V Models
  • FRN0.4C1S-4A : 0.4kW (1/2HP)
  • FRN0.75C1S-4A : 0.75kW (1HP)
  • FRN1.5C1S-4A : 1.5kW (2HP)
  • FRN2.2C1S-4A : 2.2kW (3HP)
  • FRN3.7C1S-4A : 3.7kW (5HP)
  EMC filter built-in type
  • FRN0.4C1E-4A : 0.4kW (1/2HP)
  • FRN0.75C1E-4A : 0.75kW (1HP)
  • FRN1.5C1E-4A : 1.5kW (2HP)
  • FRN2.2C1E-4A : 2.2kW (3HP)
  • FRN3.7C1E-4A : 3.7kW (5HP)
  Braking resistor built-in type
  • FRN1.5C1S-4A21 : 1.5kW (2HP)
  • FRN2.2C1S-4A21 : 2.2kW (3HP)
  • FRN3.7C1S-4A21 : 3.7kW (5HP)
  IP40 enclosure type
  • FRN0.4C1J-4A : 0.4kW (1/2HP)
  • FRN0.75C1J-4A : 0.75kW (1HP)
  • FRN1.5C1J-4A : 1.5kW (2HP)
  • FRN2.2C1J-4A : 2.2kW (3HP)
  • FRN3.7C1J-4A : 3.7kW (5HP)