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SCADA Management-Level

Status Enterprise is a complete system built around an intelligent information
model. There are no separate modules to purchase. Every Status Enterprise System
will include:
1. Real-time and Historical Data
2. Alarms and Real-Time Notifications
3. Logging
4, Calculations
5. Reporting
6, Form Design
7. User Roles and Workspaces
8. Web and Mobile Access
9.  SQL Server Back-end


B-Scada can provide OPC Servers for more than 500 devices and interfaces. You can be confident that your HMI screens for Status Enterprise or Status Machine Edition are receiving accurate, actionable, real-time data. B-Scada is a member of the OPC Foundation and has extensive experience with OPC DA and OPC UA. We will help you find the best server for your particular data source and intended application.

SCADA Operator-Level HMI

Status Machine Edition is a powerful data visualization software package for creating high quality user interfaces for manufacturing and other process control industries that require real time and historical monitoring of data. Status allows you to create amazing graphical representations for your HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) screens.